For fun and enlightening experience I offer private or group readings in the art and artistry of tarot. I offer readings featuring a variety of tarot decks, both classical and modern styles.  The deck for your reading will be selected based upon your aesthetic preference and query.

   General Reading 
Individual Reading
Private Event
Mini Readings
Other Specialized Readings
New Born
End Of Life
A general reading will offer the cards an opportunity to speak to you, without a specific query. This is a wonderful reading for those who are new to tarot!
$40 / 1 Hour Session
This tarot reading addresses a specific question in a querent's life situation.
$60 / 1 - 1 1/2 Hour Session
I'd love to come to your event to offer private 15 minute
"Mini Readings" for your guests!
$150  for 1 - 10 people
* Please request a quote for more than 10 people *

Tarot Image Used With Permission: Pagan Otherworlds by Uusi © 2018