Summer in California's Bay Area means foggy mornings and cool breezes moving
through the neighborhoods. Last summer Picante, our favorite Mexican Restaurant in Berkeley, painted wings on their wall and I grew my wings! 





This year I'm focusing on growing my halo. In my humble opinion, growing the halo means spiritualizing the physical body. Raising consciousness. Growing in conscious awareness and then marrying the open heart full of grace with the illumined mind.

A very powerful combination that! It's a goal I wish to continue to pursue. And, it's not an easy task, and perhaps it's a life-long journey. But, it's oh so worthy. 

People have been growing their halo through the ages. Some quite aware of it and others unconscious of their spiritual growth. Through meditation and the power of the Imagination and developing Intuition, try a halo on for size. Is it too small? Can you feel it?


Claim a halo for your own.

Through the power of your increased positive radiation, people will be inspired to try one on and perhaps begin to grow their own.


Grow in your positive vibration and watch your Halo expand!

~ Susy

JUNE 3, 2019

As a student of tai chi after a Saturday morning practice, I was walking back to my car with a friend and we were talking about reading Tarot. I blurted out "Ah, tai chi Tarot", I know the perfect deck for that! I thought to myself, "Tarot is tai chi for the mind."

I went home and pulled the Strength card from Feng Shui Tarot. Having just practiced tai chi, I started writing a Tai Chi Tarot narrative for the Major  Mentor cards, as the 22 Major Arcana are called in this deck.  

My Tai Chi Narrative with the 'Major Mentor' cards follows:

In the beginning was the 'Fool' who took the first step. Becoming the 'Magician' and mastering the elements, humanity honors the four directions. 
Imagination and intuition flow through the 'High Priestess'. Spirit streams forth with Love/Wisdom to our earthly plane via the 'Empress'. The 'Emperor' rules with Active Intelligence in concert with the 'Hierophant', a Light Worker, walking the Ancient Wisdom. In the 'Lovers', we mirror each other. 

The 'Chariot’s' Victory represents auspicious timing with 'Strength' of character. The 'Hermit' isolates self for productive meditation. Adaptation to the cycle is the ‘Wheel of Fortune’. Equilibrium through 'Justice' is achieved. The 'Hanged Man' rejuvenates Spirit by changing the way of looking at Life. 'Death', as transition, releases fear. 'Temperance', nice and easy does it now, is patience and moderation. The 'Devil' finds one in an impossible situation, obsession holds sway; but the 'Tower', brings abrupt change in Karmic release. 
The 'Star' shines and inspires with healing and spiritual rebirth. Have faith moving forward through the 'Moon' Gate so that one can sense a moment of power in the 'Sun' of our Universe. 'Judgment'~Self Evaluation affects positive Karma, which leads to the 'World' Chi flowing effortlessly and endlessly for our Highest Good. 

I posit that Tarot is tai chi for the mind in that both disciplines of tai chi and reading of the Tarot are an internal practice. In the practice of the tai chi form, energy follows thought and one cultivates chi (energy) in the moving meditation that is the form.  In Tarot, images activate the imagination which generates an inner reaction on the mental, emotional and physical planes. Both disciplines might generate an expansion of consciousness, which is another way of saying energy follows thought. One can then determine a course of action or inaction, much like in the tai chi form’s advance-and-release of chi or in the gathering-in of chi in retreat. 

Tarot is mental Chi in action !

~ Susy

February 3, 2019