about Susy

I am a reader of Tarot. I collect Tarot decks to deepen my understanding of the artistry of the changing  cycles on the wheel of life. 

I'm a Bay Area native, living in El Cerrito. My experience of the cards began around 14 years of age to present. My first deck was a gift. A few more decks came my way as gifts, and over time I've continued to grow my collection. 

Reading the cards is my avocation, a pleasure and always a learning experience. 

I offer private readings or workshops at group events. I honor each individual and the cards to help guide interpretations to a greater understanding of Self.

Working with the Tarot activates the imagination which becomes the instrument to the Higher Self. 

Call for an appointment and book your individual Tarot reading or group workshop for fun and an enlightening experience! 


Won't you join me for tea and Tarot?