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 Featured Deck: 

Tarot of Eden

by Maud Kristen and Alika Lindbergh

                VIII Justice

American Indian Sister sits on Turtle Island in space time. With sword of Justice, Sister cuts away any remaining racist mentality for our Global Good, weighing in on what really matters in the life. 

III Empress

African Empress represents mastery of emotion in balance with thoughts. Empress’ Golden Crown reminds us to honor the life we have to live, cultivating love of beauty in the here and now. 

XIX Le Soleil 

Summer’s expression of love and trust, understanding our Indonesian twins’ brotherly hug. Like the twins, feel your Sun Shine and we will play well together in person again soon. 

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Hello Dear Earthlings,

We are counting the days till we can meet again, in person, and wondering when we can share a hug.


Until then let’s explore Tarot of Eden by Maud Kristen and Alika Lindbergh.


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