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 Featured Deck: 

Kalevala Tarot, by Kalervo Aaltonen

with illustrations by Taina Pailos

I happened upon this used deck in an esoteric bookstore, Open Secret, in San Rafael, California. A used deck, providing there are no missing cards, just means that their wisdom has been activated and working in the world before landing in your hands to divine. 

The Finnish cultural epic in the Kalevala fits nicely with the system of tarot through adventure poems and songs. Specifically, a heroes' search for the  Sampo, the Finnish object of power. As an implement of power, the tarot can be used as your Sampo, with the Power Of Your Imagination. What a lovely practice in that the Finnish people tell their life stories through poems and songs.


A personal poem or song might go like this, “Singing my Sampo Song, I’m carrying my flames Home.” 

That being the case, try a new habit with a catchy phrase or song to complete your tarot consult, see a sample below:

    Major Mystery 16

      The Falling Tower,


The falling of the Oak tree reveals a startling truth, your moment of truth! 

    The Queen of Dishes                         Marjatta                (Cups, Emotion Element)

Emotions can topple you over with unexpected force. Marjatta stands for acknowledging this force, the lesson learned, and forgiving yourself of any hard feelings. 

          Two of Stakes                          Wands 

    (Creative Spark Element)


The gathering of your forces, your passions, shapes your goals for the way out over your stormy northern seas. 

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