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 December Featured Deck 

~ Tarot Of The Thousand And One Nights ~

Come with me into Scheherazade’s Garden. If a woman can enchant a Sultan with her wisdom, then the Tarot tableau, the Major Arcana, is recast into this themed story. Humanity’s story is re-played on the stage of life on this tiny blue planet in our wondrous Universe. 

A sampling from this lovely deck follows:

            7 Wands
Take up the Baton of Valor and use it wisely.

The challenge of present times is who you align your energies with. 

          The Wheel X
Fortune’s wheel reflects that which is wished for. Be very careful, for with enough emotional power behind that wish, it just might come true. 

      The Stars XVII
Open the mind and expand into greater consciousness, greater awareness of the space we share in this beautiful Universe. Recognize the Star that you are and shine your unique light on others so that they in turn are charmed. 

Used With Permission:  2005 Copyright Lo Scarabeo - Artwork by Leon Carre

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