January's card is V Hierophant of the major arcana. In numerology, adding January (1) with the new year 2020: 1+2+0+2+0 = 5.  V Hierophant represents your Intuitive Guide speaking to you in how you might deepen your spiritual practice in this New Year’s cycle.  If you are new to a spiritual practice, then turning over one card a day of a favorite tarot deck like the one below represents a perfect beginning. 

 January Featured Deck 

~ The Good Tarot ~

 The Good Tarot, by Collette Baron-Reid, Artist Jena DellaGrottaglia reason for being is for the Greater Good! For 2020, let’s see if we can make that so! Bring to light a new or revitalized spiritual practice. How might you begin? A daily practice might look like: Reading a card’s inspiration or message a day. Begin a weekly class in meditation. Monthly: Ritual cleanse your environment with sage or a favorite incense and crystals. Yearly: Tarot the astrological House beginning with January, the month of Self Expression. Your new spiritual practice could be by meditating on V Hierophant card, recognizing that you have direct access to your Higher Self and that Hierophant is always at your service. 


A sample spread follows: 

                 6 Water
Coming from and yearning for the past as old memories are held dearly, honoring our loved ones as we flow into this new year’s cycle.

          V Hierophant
 The Good Tarot’s Hierophant symbolizes opening to the Higher Self with wings of Love and Healing and with the Magician’s tools at your service for ritualizing your spiritual practice whether it be daily, weekly or monthly. Everyday represents a fresh beginning.  

             3 Water
The year is young! We are the ones to make life more tolerable on Earth. The 3 Water serves up pearls of love, with 3 representing community. Whether part of a small circle or growing into a larger community, this represents our participation, our co-creating for the Greater Good. And so it begins.

Used With Permission:  Copyright 2017 by Colette Baron-Reid

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